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When booking at Suite Smart you must inform us in advance if you are planning to have your furry loved one accompany you at our accommodation.

The process is simple:

  1.  Indicate in the reservation that you are being accompanied by a pet.

  2.  List the type of pet you will be bringing, the pets name, age and breed. 

  3.  Upon check in you will be asked to pay the non refundable pet fee of $50 which covers your pet for the duration of your stay.


This pet fee is not a deposit, it is a fee that we collect in order to offset our cleaning cost upon your departure to ensure a thorough clean is completed for our next guests using that room.  This includes removal, wash, dry, press and rehang all draperies, removal and sanitization of absolutely all bedding, mattress pads and comforters, pillows and blankets - this allows a completely hypo allergenic environment  for anyone checking in to that room after you.

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