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Suite Smart Shaughnessy

Dear friend and valued clients
Due to reasons beyond our control, Suite Smart Shaughnessy has had to relocate to a new location located just moments away.  For those guests who have booked reservations we urge to not panic as your bookings are secure and valid at our secondary location just moments away from here. This new location is completely at par as far as our service, the quality of your accommodation and the location as compared with the original.  Most existing services are the same and somewhat upgraded in this location.  All guests booked with current and June reservation will be receiving a relocation letter via email.  Please watch for this email as it contains all of the pertinent information required for your successful transfer to our new site.  We would also like to assure all guests that our operation is 100% legitimate despite falsified claims on the internet that we are not.  We take value in our business and have worked hard developing our reputation.  However during this transition for the first 2 weeks many guests were unfortunately  missed  in the notification stage of our move.  These guests have all been adequately compensated for this mishap and i have personally apologized to each of these guests.


On our booking sites we are appearing as closed, this is because our old location is no longer being sold.  However as i said, all existing reservations have been transfered.  To checkout the new location you may check with Expedia and booking.com under the listing name of Suite Smart Vancouver.  Our detailed web page will be up and active shortly.  Simply check back to www.suitesmartvancouver.com which will display the nw website once it is ready.

For any questions or inquiries please email me to dwayne@suitemsartvancouver.com or you may try calling

1 833 522 0222

Thanks for your understanding.